Vicki and David Legge, Publishers
Vicki and David Legge, Publishers

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our publication, Grand Cayman Magazine—and to ourselves.

As anyone who lives in the Cayman Islands knows, Grand Cayman is by far the highest-quality publication being produced either on the island or in the entire Caribbean Region. It compares favorably with the top half-dozen magazines being produced anywhere in the world.

Candidly, we created Grand Cayman to fill a void in the Grand Cayman marketplace: While the island has evolved into a world-class offshore financial center and visitor destination, the publishing industry, in our view, simply hasn’t kept pace. Grand Cayman is a world-class, sophisticated island, and Grand Cayman Magazine reflects that quality and sophistication.

Grand Cayman is “grand” in its scope—its pages are “oversized,” it is considered to be a “coffee-table” showpiece, and it even has achieved “collector’s item” status. We present twice a year “The Best of the Good Life in the Cayman Islands” (which also happens to be the subtitle of our magazine). Our stories are well researched, intelligently written, skillfully edited, and beautifully presented. Many of our photographs of these islands are framable (and we regularly receive requests for copies).

As Editor in Chief, David incorporates into every page of Grand Cayman his writing and editing skills practiced for many years at The Washington Post, Newsweek Magazine, and as the author of a bestselling book. Vicki brings to this publication her unsurpassed photographic and design talents as well as her overall sense of style—all in the pursuit of elegance and excellence.

We have created Grand Cayman as the perfect advertising vehicle for high-quality advertisers who wish to reach high-quality readers: the upscale visitor to the Cayman Islands and the professional-class or affluent resident.

As may be obvious, it is extremely costly to produce a publication of this quality, and we could not offer this magazine to the Cayman Islands and our readers abroad without the support of our advertisers. For their continued confidence in us, it is a pleasure to thank them publicly.

Finally, as a reader or an advertiser, we invite you to share in all future issues of Grand Cayman Magazine.

— David and Vicki Legge