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Beach Sunset - Photo By Creations Unlimited

The Ocean Calls

When the ocean calls in Cayman, we can be thankful it’s a “local call,” not long distance. Too often for too many of us, we become too busy, too blasé, or too stressed to...

Reaching Unheard of Heights

When I saw that the Cayman Cookout was offering a trip to Cayman Brac on a Dassault Falcon 7X jet, owned by none other than Terry Peabody, founder of Craggy Range Vineyards, it was time to smash the piggy bank.

Luxury That Lasts

“You never really own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation . . . ” As advertising slogans go, they don’t come more successful than Patek Philippe’s; it has...

The National Gallery: From Concept to Icon in 20 Years

What began as a small grassroots organization in 1997 has blossomed into one of the island’s cultural cornerstones.Marking its 20th anniversary this year, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands has been a community...

A Standing Ovation – and 30 Candles – For The Harquail

The Harquail Theatre turned 30 on Dec. 1, invoking memory, celebration, pride, and a sense of community and accomplishment.In one regard, the tale of how the Harquail came to be is of historic significance...


A sunrise stroll on Seven Mile Beach. A gourmet meal served in exquisite ambiance. The perfect mate, who completes you in every way. Fulfilling work, which satisfies your soul. Do we each possess a...

The White House

The White House is certainly not a misnomer for Cayman’s newest and most elegant waterfront venue, located in Bodden Town, but it is shades of blue that one recalls most strongly after a long,...

The Diary of a Sailing Couple Abroad

For many, the dream of buying a sailboat and traversing the waters of the Caribbean is just that: a dream. However, Cayman physician Dr. Richmond-Peck and his wife Sheila have made the dream come true, and have now spent many weeks island-hopping through the eastern Caribbean.

Good Times Roll at Opus One Dinner

Wine dinners and wine tastings, some of which involve outstanding or rare brands, happen often again on Grand Cayman, and not only during the annual Cayman Cookout food and wine festival held every January.

Cayman’s ‘Elegant Attic’

More than 3,000 chairs, ranging from elegant chivari to tropical bamboo; 8,000 pieces of glassware; 4,000 pieces of silverware, in varying styles; and a selection of 1,500 linens, spanning from sleek satin to textured. And...

Difficult Lessons: Myths and Realities of Higher Education

Over the last 40 years, there are few countries that have enjoyed the economic success of the Cayman Islands. Cayman has advanced from a low-income economy, based on reaping the benefits of limited land...
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