Serene Scenes of the Cayman Islands

Always take the scenic route – either in life or on your tour of the Cayman Islands.

Of course, in Cayman, it’s easy to take the scenic route because, frankly, those are the only routes and roads we have. Whether on Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, nearly all of our highways, byways – even footpaths – meander along coast lines which themselves are lined with undulating palm trees and other exotic tropical vegetation.

Regardless of whether you’re driving alongside our turquoise waters or diving or snorkeling under it, your landscape or seascape is always breathtaking (if you take the time to slow down and appreciate it).

Our photographers, in this photo essay, have done exactly that. Enjoy our scenic views on our pages or, even better, in real life . . .

—David R. Legge