The allure of the Cayman Islands is broader than our sand and deeper than our sea. Our appeal extends to our easy access to global ports of call, our first-class accommodations, and our greatest asset, our friendly people.

Yes, our beaches are unsurpassed (U.S. News & World Report named Seven Mile Beach as the best in the world), and our surrounding Caribbean Sea is as turquoise clear as any that has ever inspired itinerant songsters such as Jimmy Buffett, “Sunny Jim” White, or our own Barefoot Man.

Our diving – be it SCUBA, snorkeling, or “free” – is unequaled.

Our national motto –“He hath founded it upon the seas” – speaks to our nautical heritage which we proudly wear on our sleeves – and proudly display on our Coat of Arms.

In these next few pages, join us for a pictorial presentation of the sand and the sea that we call home. It is the best we have to offer, and we are pleased to share these beautiful pictures with you . . .