When the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal refer to “Cayman Offshore,” they’re usually expounding upon our financial services industry, meaning our “offshore” banks, insurance companies and mutual funds.

However, the “offshore” that attracts most of us – visitors and residents alike – has nothing to do with finance – and everything to do with the picture-perfect crystalline waters that surround our shores.

Sure, if Cayman were landlocked, it still would have its share of natural wonders – our flora and fauna are so highly prized that they now enjoy stringent protection under a new Conservation Law – but it is our seas that drive our economy and quicken our pulse.

In the following pages, enjoy with us these inviting photos, taken on all three of our unique islands.

Remember, our motto, enshrined upon the Cayman Coat of Arms, could well do double-duty as an advertising slogan: “He hath founded it upon the seas” . . .