Poet Robert Frost wrote of his indecision upon approaching two roads diverging in a New England wood: “I took the one less traveled by/And that has made all the difference.”

One senses that the Poet Laureate of the United States would have been very much at home astride the Bluff on Cayman Brac or ambling around its less populated neighbor of Little Cayman.

The Sister Islands are not an “acquired taste,” which would suggest that worldliness would somehow bestow upon the visitor a greater appreciation of their tranquility and solitude.

Actually, quite the opposite. There beats in the universal heart of mankind a yearning for all things natural, all things unhurried, and all things unspoiled by, yes, our fellow man.

The Sister Islands offer a respite from all we have bought, from all we have built, and from all we supposedly aspire to. Think of these island siblings as Grand Cayman’s unspoiled Eden where time is still better told by the rhythms of the tides than by the hands of our most-coveted Rolexes.

By all means, visit the Sister Islands whenever you have the opportunity, but, for now, please take a vicarious visual trip through the lenses of our inspired photographers . . .